Thank you for your interest in HK Chain USA, Inc., a supplier of top quality engineered and manufactured chain and chain accessories.

HK Chain USA exports products all over the world.

HK Chain USA’s products are considered premier worldwide and have been since inception. Our products meet and are approved by most international authorities such as NACM, ASTM, ISO, NATO, BG, MOD, DIN and others. These specifications cover properties of welded steel chain for Industrial and commercial purposes. These specifications pertain to the grades listed, produced to acceptable commercial tolerances.

Our chains are manufactured in sizes 1/8" through 6-1/2" and are manufactured on modern sophisticated chain making equipment.

HK Chain USA’s products are manufactured and tested to the requirements of ISO 9002 and if requested ABS, Lloyds or others. To meet the requirements of the EN 818 standard, Grade 80 alloy chain is randomly subjected to bend testing across the weld of the link to ensure weld integrity and material ductility. In addition all Grade 80 alloy chain and components are proof tested and certified.

HK Chain USA’s Grade80 alloy chain and Grade 80 alloy components meet or exceed the standard prescribed by ASME B30.0 and OSHA 1910.184 for chain slings. Test certification is available upon request.

To achieve a consistent high level of quality and reliability of our products:

  • Modern electronically controlled chain making machines provide the most advanced manufacturing processes.
  • All raw materials are carefully chosen.
  • Strict control of material acceptance and processing.
  • Sophisticated multi-process heat-treating techniques.
  • Non-destructive testing systems are employed with magnetic crack detection (magna flux system).
  • Close dimensional controls are carried out at all stages of manufacturing.

For the US and Canadian markets our chains are manufactured in strict compliance with the specifications that include but are not limited to the following:

  • N.A.C.M. "Welded Chain Specifications" (15 Nov 1999)
  • RR-C-271-D FED Spec "Chains and Attachments. Welded and Weldless"
  • ASTM A-413-96 "Spec for Carbon Steel Chain"
  • ASTM A-391-98 "Spec for G80 Alloy Steel Chain"
  • ASTM A-906-99 "Spec for G80/100 Chain Slings"
  • ASTM A-952-98 "Spec for G80/100 Chain Sling Components"